How Much is The Deeper Fish Finder?

By Wade Johnson

How Much is The Deeper Fish FinderDeeper is the pioneer fish finder brand that has pushed the absolute-finest fish finding devices into the market loved by the anglers around the world.

And there is no reason to dislike any of them; if you think of the lake, river, or sea under extreme weather conditions, the Deeper fish finders are always ready to roll with up to par performance beyond expectations.

There is not just one but a complete range of Deeper fish finders we are about to unravel their price tag and provide the critical detail about each one of them that justify the price thing.

Now, do not purchase with your eyes closed and know exactly how much is the Deeper fish finder to keep your wallet safe.

How Much is The Deeper Fish Finder?

The castable Deeper fish finders have variable prices due to their infused technology. So, let’s take them one by one, okay?

Deeper Smart Sonar CHIRP 2

Best for the fishing over the shore, ice, boat, and night

Casting range to 394ft or 120m

Minimum to maximum scanning depth from 6in up to 330ft or 15cm to 100m

Three supportive sonar beam angles through 47°, 20°, and 7°

Price = US$329.99

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+ 2

Best works to fish from shore, boat, ice, and night

Casting range of 330ft or 100m

With minimum to maximum scan depth of 6in all the way to 330ft or 15cm to up to 100m

Supports three sonar beam angles from 47°, 20°, and 7°

Price = US$269.99

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO+

Works great on boat, shore, ice, and night

Support the casting range of 330ft

Minimum and maximum scanning depth of 19in to 260ft or 50cm to 80m

Two sonar beam angles of 55° and 15°

Price = US$199.99

Deeper Smart Sonar PRO

Fish comfortably from shore, boat, night, and ice

Maximum casting range to 330ft or 100m

Having minimum to maximum scanning depth from 19in to over 260ft or 50cm to 80m

With two sonar beam angles from 55° and 15°

Price = US$159.99

Deeper Smart START

The entry-level fish finder from Deeper is the best one to use during your learning phase (and it is quite cheap as well!)

Good to use for fishing onshore and at night

Having the casting range to a maximum of 165ft or 50m

Minimum and maximum scanning depth to 19in and 165ft or 50cm to 50m

Supporting one sonar beam angle of 40°

Price = US$99.99


We will always recommend the fish finders from this renowned brand no matter whether you belong to an experienced angler or a newbie; you are covered at all the levels.

And it is always wise to take note of how much is the Deeper fish finder way before purchasing them online or offline to avoid getting ripped.

Thankfully, all the Deeper fish finders support salt and freshwater, so you are pretty safe to fish anywhere without a doubt.

So, you must make up your requirement and pick the recommended Deeper fish finder accordingly because you do not have to worry about its pricing anymore. 🙂

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