How To Hook A Minn Kota Trolling Motor To Humminbird?

By Wade Johnson

How Hook A Minn Kota Trolling Motor HumminbirdMinn Kota is the system that can integrate with the fish finder, and you can control the movement, speed, heading, and course of the boat with an easy control using this color LCD screen. With the Minn Kota, you have absolute control over the boat in just the reach of the remote.

It gives the advantage to the anglers, and they can set the ship on the complete course with the waypoint. It also can keep the boat between the same depth interval so that you have a better chance of finding the fish. You can also have the complete history of backtracking, and it can keep your boat at a specified distance from the shoreline.

Moreover it stores and revisits your favorite fishing spot and can also set the course so that you waste less time riding the boat and more time on fishing.Minn Kota with the Humminbird fish finder is the best match, and it can be used for maximum efficiency and success in fishing.

This article will decode how to hook a Minn Kota trolling motor to a Humminbird.

How To Hook A Minn Kota Trolling Motor To Humminbird

First, you will need to examine what type of trolling motor and batteries would suit you. Generally, a motor of 55 lbs thrust is enough for a 2500 pound boat, and you will require a 12-volt battery for it. The general weight to thrust ratio is 0.02, which means that for a 2000 lbs boat, you will need at least 40 pounds of motor thrust. The battery requirement is also similar. For a 55 lbs motor, a 12-volt battery would be good; for an 80 lbs motor, a 24 volts battery is an optimum choice, and for a 112 lbs motor, a 36 volts battery is necessary.

You will also need

  • Conductor gauge
  • Circuit breaker
  • DC cable
  • Pairing Device
  • Network model

How To Mount Minn Kota To Humminbird

First of all, place the batteries in their spot. You will have to determine where you hook the Minn Kota on the boat. The ideal location is beside the engine, where you can control the ship with maximum efficiency. You will need to connect all the wrongs of the Minn Kota by the network diagram, including battery wiring, circuit wiring, and ethernet wiring.

Use the handheld drilling machine to mount the Minn Kota trolling motor on the boat. Use the recommended method and seek professional advice if necessary.

Once the trolling motor is mounted, it is time to connect it to the hummingbird fishfinder. Use the ethernet cable to connect it to the fish finder. Make sure that you connect all the wires in their designated spot. You might also need some other accessories to support the Minn Kota system.

These include a stabilizer kit to stabilize Minn Kota’s working during the shake and swings. You might also need a circuit breaker plug so that it does not get a short circuit. Moreover, you will also need to connect the Humminbird to your I pilot Link to control the boat without the need to use the fish finder. Different mounting procedures can vary based on the type of system you are using

How To Set Up Minn Kota With Humminbird

Connecting the Minn Kota with the Humminbird can be very complex if you do not know the basics. There is a standard procedure available by which you can easily set them together. Make sure to read all the instructions and guidelines. The Minn Kota i-pilot link can be connected using bluetooth to the fish finder, and with that, you can easily control the boat.


Setting up the Minn Kota with the Humminbird is a little complex, but it is worth it. The Minn Kota provides the advantage of controlling the boat with straightforward controls and can be used for the specified route and the waypoints etc. You will have different kinds of accessories with the Minn Kota kit, and you should choose them according to your battery’s requirements. The general rule of the Minn Kota trolling motor selection is that you should select at least 0.02 times your boat weight. The 12-volt battery is most common, but you might need a 24 and 36 volts battery if you have a bigger unit.

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