Garmin Echo 200 Fish Finder Review of 2023 – Worth The Money?

By Wade Johnson

Garmin Echo 200 Review

Whenever it is a question of a healthy equilibrium between affordability and effectiveness of a fish finder, Garmin is the first name that surfaces on fishermen’s search.

Crafting the best fish finder under $200 that has an abundance of ease-of-use and clarity of scenery with a few glimpses of top-end like models is a feat that Garmin has mastered.

Their Echo 200 is an illustration in the flesh and blood of the company’s reputation.

The brand’s name alone is worth a thousand words of its reliability, but we don’t want to leave any stone unturned.

Therefore, we explored and analysed every corner of its construction in the review below.

If you’re on a budget fisherman or a novice angler, buy Garmin Echo 200 and get ready for a shock because it will surpass your expectations.

What Makes Garmin Echo 200 Fish Finder Stand Apart?

Garmin Echo 200 has eclipsed other fish finders of its class by employing a simpler and pragmatic design with a beginner-friendly operating and installation mechanism. The unit also has a relatively larger and clearer display – normally found in higher-end models.


Our Garmin Echo 200 Fish Finder Review

Garmin repulses chi-chi craftsmanship, and their Echo 200 is a perfect illustration of the brand’s love for simplicity.

This decently sized fella is stealing the hearts of users, especially of the beginners and hobbyists who are on a budget, with its great value for money.

The unit comes with a transom-mount transducer pumped with 300W (RMS) of sonar power. All that power is gulped by dual frequencies of 77kHz & 200kHz so that they can become your eyes and ears up to1500ft depths in freshwater, making it viable to tread towards relatively deeper waters if you want.

However, the figure plummets drastically in salty waters. Let’s just say that the wide-angle view of 120-degree will offer you a healthy chance of ensnaring fish in shallower waters – no more than around 500ft depth.

No matter which type of fishing excursion you opt for, the sonar will conjure a clear picture of the structure, bottom contours and fish.

Although the unit lacks fancy jargon like DownVu and GPS/Chart plotting, it still has a trick up its sleeves to keep things interesting: “Smooth Scaling Technology”.

Thanks to this software, not only will you be able to keep track of sonar readings while on the move but also scroll back sonar history to check and double-check nothing vital missed your eye.

These sonar details are presented in the form of a 5-inch grey-ish picture. Dang, no vivid colours! But, hey, there will be no straining of eyes either because the greyscale display will portray a clear image of the things lying below.

In the end, buy Garmin Echo 200 if you want the best fish finder under $200.


Sonar System

This fish finder goes easy on your budget as well as fishing skills, or lack thereof.

Amateurs and occasional anglers will have a field day with it since it comes with a transom mount transducer that hardly takes a few minutes for installation – a little screwing here and there, and you will be ready for serious action!

Emphasis is on the term “serious action” because all 300W (RSM) power of the transducer is transferred to sonar dual frequencies, 73kHz and 200kHz.

That means you can extend your sighting range to 1500ft depth in freshwater, not to mention it’s also your go-to signal to try luck in the deep water fishing.

What? Do you want more adventure?

Granting your wish, the unit employs a wide-angle viewing of up to120-degree coupled with Garmin’s HD-ID target identifying technology to let you observe the bottom contours, structure and fish lurking around 500ft depth with impressive clarity in saltwater territories.

Smooth Scaling Technology

Echo 200 is a primitive-like simple fish finder, but that doesn’t mean it has nothing surprising in store for you. The unit has packed a present named “Smooth Scaling Technology” to enhance performance.

With the help of this software, not only can you keep up the quality and pace of sonar readings while you keep alternating water depth, but you can also jump back to sonar history to double-check the waypoints and routes you have crossed and see what you missed on the first read.

5” Greyscale Display

5-inch is neither too puny nor too big; perfect for kayaks and small boats. The larger screen resembles costlier models except it is bereft of colours.

So, while you get a 5” large picture of what’s lying below your vessel, the image is grey-ish. However, there’s a consolation in knowing that the 480 x 320 dimensions portray a clear view of the target along with the rest of the surroundings to let you hook your prey successfully.


  • Compact and sturdy.
  • Transducer supports powerful dual frequencies for effective results.
  • Straightforward installation and use.
  • Capable of going down to 1500ft.
  • Capable of retaining sonar quality during moving.
  • Easy access to sonar history.
  • Ideal for kayak fishing and freshwater fishing.
  • Excellent value for money.


  • Display is bereft of coloured graphics.
  • Lacks additional sonar viewings and GPS.
  • This starter model barely interests serious anglers.


Why Should You Buy Garmin Echo 200 Fish Finder?

The first and most prominent reason that makes it a worthy candidate is the simplicity of the design and use that increases your success rate without putting a strain on your budget.

Secondly, the unit comes with a robust transducer that supports dual-frequencies along with a sonar controlling feature to help you carry out fruitful fish hunts both in shallower nearshore marine territories and deeper waters.

Lastly, despite being colourless, the screen with its large size and ultra-clear sonar depiction further makes it irresistible.

Final Thought

True to its reputation, Echo 200 again shows Garmin’s knack for crafting simpler, affordable and effective fish finders. This starter model has a compact size with a wide display and powerful sonar system that combine forces to improve your angling experience in both freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing and shallower fishing excursions. It is worth buying if you’re fetching for simplicity, affordability and reliability.


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