Must have Fishing Equipment for Beginners – Essentials for Every Angler

By Wade Johnson

Fishing Equipment for BeginnersBeing a beginner, you would agree that if there is one thing fishermen have in common it’s that we all feel good talking about fishing. So, a smart way to learn where to fish is to find someone familiar with your area and have a conversation with them. Learn about the different species that live in that particular area where you like to fish.

Plus, also learn about the most effective lures and baits to use, and the general locations that are considered most productive. Secondly, don’t ask anglers for specific locations as they have spent countless hours learning the area and may not be comfortable sharing that valuable information.

If you are coming back to fishing after many years, or if you’re an inexperienced first-time angler anxious to get started, walk in a big retail store can be intimidating. Now the problem is that there are endless options when it comes to fishing tackle and obviously it is almost impossible to know where to get started without spending a fortune.

There are several ways to approach gearing up for the first trip to the lake, this article will help you with some essential fishing equipment that will put you on the right path for bringing fish to the shore.

Types of equipment that every beginner must have while fishing

You might not be comfortable shopping for fishing gear without proper knowledge and hence it can be overwhelming when you are starting out. For that reason, that’s why we have thoroughly explained some essential fishing equipment for beginners in order to get and on the way to bagging your first catch.

Bait and Lures

You might be familiar with the term bait and of course, you understand that it’s used to attract the fish. In the fishing game, the use of live bait, such as worms is considered a good choice, but for more ease, it’s usually recommended to get it in a packet.

Whereas lures are basically artificial bait. They are specifically designed to mimic real fish in order to get the attention of the predator – or even bigger fish. Many fishermen recommend having lures in the tackle box when you run out of living bait. Plus, you might find that the lure works than the real living bait better. As there is a wide range of lures available, you would have a better choice in different water and weather conditions.

Rods and Reels

Rods used in fishing comes in all sizes and shapes and for multiple purposes. Usually, you would see that they are made out of graphite or some other composite materials. The type of rod you will require will be determined by the type of fishing you prefer, whether it’s fishing in the surf or fly fishing.

It would be better to start with a rod of medium strength, this will enable you to angle different types of fish and get a feel for them on the line. Plus, you need enough responsiveness in the rod in order to feel when a fish bites so that you can quickly reel it in.

It’s better to go for rod size which is 30cm longer than your height. As a beginner, a great way to start is with a fishing combo, this will provide you a reel and rod that are matched to each other and enable you to kill two birds with one stone.

Obviously, if you are serious about real fishing, you can even buy a rod and a reel separately. While shopping for a reel, you would see many affordable and lightweight options. It would be better to buy a spinning reel as they are considered quite versatile. They are best for fishing from the shore or on a boat.


How can you forget sunglasses on your journey to fishing, as it is considered a must-have item when it comes to outdoor sports. Sunglasses are important especially with fishing as you often have to face a nasty glare off the water. Try to look for UV polarised glasses as they enable you to see beneath the surface of the water.

Tackle Box

Now you obviously need something to store all of this fishing equipment. Fortunately, there is a trusty tackle box that comes in all sizes and shapes and will provide you with ease in transporting your gear. Furthermore, It will also help you keep all your equipment secure and well-organized.


just imagine you are at your favorite river or lake and tried live bait and every lure in your bag multiple times but still failed to catch anything. Such situations normally arise when you are looking for fish in the wrong areas. Now, what if you could see underwater and see for certain that fish are in the area.

That’s the magic of sonar devices. Nowadays, Wireless, castable fish finders are becoming more and more popular and the best thing is that they come at quite an affordable price range.


Swivels are considered best for preventing line twists, tying advanced rigs like the Carolina rig. Plus they can also come with a snap-on one end which makes changing baits a big relief for a beginner fisherman. Just grab a few packs and you would surely be surprised to see their uses.

Fishing license

You might not like this but like driving, you do need a fishing license if you want to proceed legally in the fishing game. It’s important because almost every state requires a state-issued fishing license. Don’t forget to buy one if you want to make your fishing experience to be convenient.

Also, you must also spend a few minutes going through some basic regulations applied to the area you are fishing. There is nothing complicated in it, it’s just about permitted fishing methods, size and bag limits, and even special regulations for few certain species.

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