10 Best Fish Finder for Trolling Motor 2023 – Top Picks Only

By Wade Johnson

Best Fish Finder for Trolling MotorJust like fish, fishing trips also vary in nature. Some of these involve exploring the terrains on a trolling motor, which means you need a specific kind of fish finder.

Such a device is called the best fish finder for trolling motor in more technical jargon.

This fish finder is different from a regular one in several ways; ways that you will know about in a second.

A fish finder for this kind of vessel has a transducer with trolling motor-friendly mount to help you attach it to the vessel instantly without requiring extra gears.

The pricing, display size and type and other bells and whistles may vary from model to model, but water-resistance nature is common in all.

Also, the majority of these devices come with a few navigational features like GPS and pre-installed mapping to ensure you are aware of the routes and surrounding locations throughout the journey.


Best Fish Finder for Trolling Motor 2023 Reviews

Finding the right fish finder for a trolling motor can still be a tough code to crack. We have found a shortcut for you: Detailed reviews of top 10 fish finders available for the money along with a comprehensive buyer’s guide.

Together they will transform otherwise days-long search to a matter of minutes. Take a look at the listed products below to know what are options available to you. The one best for you will call you immediately.


Top Fish Finder for Trolling Motor Comparison Table


1.  Garmin Striker 4 – Top Pick Overall Fish Finder for Trolling Motor with Transducer

Garmin 010-01550-00 Striker 4 Top Pick Overall Fish Finder for Trolling Motor with Transducer


If patience isn’t your strongest virtue, then Garmin Striker 4 is the perfect model for you. Its no-frill portable design can be adjusted on your trolling motor in a snap.

Although small, the unit has strong Chirp and ClearVu sonars with extraordinary longer reach and broader coverage.

Let’s just say, if a fish is hiding at 1600ft depth in freshwater or below 700ft in salty water, this little hunter will quickly identify it along with contours and vegetation in the surrounding territory.

The story is no different for frozen waters too. The active flasher mode will instantly notify you of the approaching target.

The screen is small, 3.5-inch in size, but dainty. Simply means, you will have a nice and clean view of the aquatic terrain with no room for confusion – whether it’s a fish, structure or fauna; each object is presented in a distinguishing manner.

Striker 4 is all about keeping you calm and trouble-free on waters which explains why,  despite being a budget-friendly device, it has a built-in waypoint mapping feature.

When you have a map of the location along with the option to pin personal favorite fish hotspots, nightmares like getting lost or losing those fruitful fishing spots are done away with.


  • Well-built portable design.
  • Screen showcases a photographic-like clear view.
  • Chirp sonar has larger coverage and gathers more data with incredible target separation.
  • No-frill design is set up in a snap.
  • Compatible with diverse fishing applications.



  • Water splashes can damage the unit.
  • Needs a separate protective bag.

Bottom Line:

Garmin Striker 4 is the best inexpensive fish finder for trolling motors due to its stellar construction and sonar performance. Its compact and portable structure with no-frill mechanism makes it an attractive option for a vast number of fishing scenes.


2.  ReelSonar iBobber – Best Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder for Trolling Motor

ReelSonar Wireless Bluetooth Smart Best Wireless Bluetooth Smart Fish Finder for Trolling Motor


It’s a crime to not mention ReelSonar Fish Finder while reviewing the best fish finders within budget. Unlike stereotype cheap devices, this one has a dependable build along with a high-potential transducer.

What we’re saying is, don’t let its size and price deceive you into underestimating it. You can claim as many fish as you wish within 135 ft depth and up to 100ft across – that’s how long its casting range is with Bluetooth connectivity.

What you lose in casting range, you gain twice through the built-in mapping mechanism. Now you know how, despite being puny in size, it helps you seize more fish in less time.

When you have sources to analyze underwater contours, structure and fish hideouts, no wonder you will end up with more fish in your boat than fellow fishers.

The battery is so powerful and long-lasting that one could literally fish all day, from dawn till dusk.

A 10-hours runtime can be interpreted as all day, right? Speaking of dawn and dusk, don’t worry folks you will not lose sight of your precious little tracker because its built-in LED beacon will keep you posted of its location at all times.

To top it all, it keeps a complete log of your prized catches along with information about water temperature and wind.


  • Lightweight structure works well with several fishing rods.
  • Powerful sonar along with fish alarm increase catch rate.
  • Inherent mapping helps get accustomed to the selected topography.
  • Built-in LED beacon to identify it in darkness.
  • Its powerful and rechargeable battery gives relatively longer runtime.



  • Casting range is not very ideal.
  • Accuracy gets compromised when there’s too much debris in the water.
  • Sonar doesn’t function unless the water is deeper than 4ft.

Bottom Line:

If you want a well-built portable fish finder with powerful sonar beams at a budget-friendly price, ReelSonar iBobber is the right device for you. Its uncomplicated operating mechanism makes it an equally appealing choice for trolling motors and fishing from embankments.


3.  Lowrance Hook2 4  – Best Brand Fish Finder for Trolling Motor with Bullet Skimmer Transducer

Lowrance HOOK2 4X Best Brand Fish Finder for Trolling Motor with Bullet Skimmer Transducer


When you say best fish finder for trolling motors under 100, not to mention bearing insignia of a famous brand, the message is loud and clear: You are indirectly asking for Lowrance Hook2 4.

It’s not inexpensive; it’s a steal!

Well, how else would you describe it, especially with the inclusion of a bullet skimmer transducer?

This transducer carries wider coverage sonar, which means you are in for far more than what traditional sonar offers. We are talking about precise and fast information about the bottom landscape, vegetation and fish.

Simply put, you will know where that opening for casting the line is that will block all exits and escape roots for the cunning prey.

We aren’t talking about hours of tweaking and twisting of the device’s position and its settings. Have you put a film in fast forward? That’s how quickly the whole setup will be erected on a trolling motor or a small boat while the rest of the work will be done through auto-tuning sonar.

All you need is focus on the display, which in my words, will be a fascinating job because the Solarmax display boasts an ultra-clear and vibrant view of the aquatic environment under all kinds of visibility conditions.

However, there’s no other size available for the screen, so you’re forced to work with this one whether you like it or not. But, there’s a 2-year warranty here, which validates its overall reliability.


  • Portable
  • Mounting it on a trolling motor, on a transom or inside the hull is very easy.
  • Broader-coverage sonar brings more detail about the underwater landscape with accuracy.
  • Display exposes the view with extra clarity and brightness.
  • Inexpensive



  • Single screen size is a putoff for more passionate anglers.
  • Cost increases due to exclusion of a charger and a protective bag.

Bottom Line

Lowrance Hook2 4 has been enjoying immense success and popularity since its inception because of the economical price and incredible sonar performance. Furthermore, its portability and easy setup make it an ideal gadget for small vessels.


4.  Lucky – Best Pocket Friendly Movable Fish Finder for Trolling Motor

LUCKY Portable Best Pocket Friendly Movable Fish Finder for Trolling Motor


If you think a successful fishing trip relies heavily on squandering hundreds of bucks on fancy fish finders, then you haven’t had the pleasure of encountering Lucky Portable Fish Finder.

Despite being small enough to fit in one’s palm and ridiculously low-priced, it has the power to make your getaway a memorable one.

When you are snagging crappie, tuna, carp, catfish or any other species left and right, the fishing expedition cannot be called anything other than a memorable one.

That’s what its powerful sonar promises with its ability to dig every nook and cranny within 3ft-328ft depth scope.

Fish, rocks, weeds or sand, nothing can escape your radar. The coloured LCD screen with sensitivity adjustments and backlighting allows you to know where all these listed objects are residing below the water surface.

Not that there’s a chance of escaping after such foolproof surveillance, but you cannot afford to underestimate the agility and cunningness of the finned prey, which is why fish and depth alarms are included. They blow off to immediately alert you of the presence of a target in vicinity.

This fish finder comes with a 25ft cable, which means you cannot throw it far away. But, there’s no restriction on how long you can fish because the battery can last up to hours on a full charge.


  • Compact device is suitable for multiple fishing applications.
  • Sonar gathers accurate data about fish, weeds, rocks and sand lying within 3ft-328ft depth.
  • Coloured LCD screen with backlighting offers a vibrant and intelligible view of sonar data.
  • Laden with user-friendly settings for enhanced performance.
  • Rechargeable battery offers a decent runtime.



  • Short cable cord hinders its range.
  • Lack of waterproofing will be a nuisance.

Bottom Line:

Lucky Portable Fish Finder ensures that the budget restrain doesn’t rob you of the joys of fishing. Its long-reaching sonar and flexible transducer allow anglers to use it for a wide range of applications.


5.  Deeper –  Best Chirp Smart Sonar Fish Finder for Trolling Motor

Deeper Chirp Smart Sonar Best Chirp Smart Sonar Fish Finder for Trolling Motor


Deeper Chirp Smart Sonar has a broad fan base because of the castable nature of the device and sonar that can go on for miles – compared to other fish finders, the 330ft maximum casting range does seem like an endless range. You have the same depth reach too.

In simple terms, you will have an exact fish location along with data about contours, rocks and fauna existing in the proximity to help you identify the kill-shot zone. Throw a bait and Bingo! There’s a fish to be thrown in your vessel.

If you thought that’s all it has to offer, you’ve got another thing coming. There’s no need to carry a bulk load of internet-related junk, nor is there any need to carry manual maps and diaries for jotting down the nitty-gritties of a territory or your expedition. First, it’s wireless, so no hassle of cables.

Secondly, you can draw bathymetric maps and form an account of fishing trips in LakeBook, carrying memorable data in the form of snaps, scans and personal notes to reminisce those glorious moments whenever you want.

Even more impressive is that no more you’ve to jump into a waterbody blindly. Instead, go fully prepared by using Deeper App to have your desired territory mapped out to the last detail beforehand to make the most of a venture.

Now you know why it is relatively costlier than rivaling folks. However, your money is completely safe, as per the message delivered through the manufacturer’s whopping 5-year warranty.


  • Excellent quality, versatile device.
  • 330ft casting and depth ranges.
  • Quickly identifies targeted species and other objects in the surrounding.
  • Works as a fishing journal and planner too.
  • 5-year warranty.



  • Some anglers find it a bit expensive.
  • Instructions on manual are gibberish.

Bottom Line:

Deeper has a reputation for manufacturing top-quality versatile fish finders, and Chirp Smart Sonar is living proof of their superior craftsmanship. The unit might be relatively costlier, but the supersonic target detection with unparalleled accuracy and versatility make it worth the extra bucks.


6.  Humminbird 410210-1 Helix5 – Best Top Rated Fish Finder for Trolling Motor

Humminbird 410220-1NAV HELIX 5 CHIRP DI Best Top Rated Fish Finder for Trolling Motor


They say, “melody changes, but the song remains the same.” Similarly, the price and size change, but the super-duper quality and performance of Humminbird fish finders remain unchanged.

Its Helix 5 G2 (410210-1) is the best fish finder GPS combo under $500 because you get the power of Side Imaging and Down Imaging to squeeze more information about fish and underwater terrain present around your boat in less time.

The Chirp Dual-Beam sonar doesn’t believe in limits “too far” or “too deep”. It searches a broader area to give you a general idea of the surroundings or digs deeper in a narrow spot to expose every nitty-gritty detail, leaving no place for fish to hide.

The 5” screen, though small much to some of the angler’s chagrin, coincides well with the portability. Also, the picture quality is so bright and crisp that you forget about the smaller size.

To further sell you on the idea, this has a fully functional, high-precision GPS combined with built-in mapping and an option for an external SD card for additional storage.

In other words, this fish finder will lead you directly towards fish-saturated locations without getting lost or losing track of previously found fish-active zones.

As icing on the cake, it comes equipped with mounting gear, which means installing it on your trolling motor will take no time at all.


  • Space-efficient rugged built.
  • Side and Down Imaging deliver accurate information about underwater happenings and fish existence in one’s boat’s vicinity.
  • Features active GPS and pre-installed cartography to increase productivity.
  • Comes equipped with mounting gear for extra convenient installation.
  • Excellent value.



  • Lack of networking features is a putoff.
  • Size of the screen is not ideal.

Bottom Line:

If you want a sophisticated fish finder with a fair amount of fancy features without breaking a bank, Humminbird 410210-1 Helix 5 is the right choice for you. Its sonar functions along with navigational capabilities make it a reliable companion to have on-board when hitting offshores.


7.  JOYWEE FF688C Phiradar – Best Color LCD Boat Fish Finder for Trolling Motor

Joywee Underwater Fishing Camera Best Color LCD Boat Fish Finder for Trolling Motor


The joy of enjoying the scenic beauty of rivers, lakes, seas along with the thrill of capturing slippery and cunning gilled targets can be acquired through a budgeted, nobody fishfinder like Joywee Phiradar FF688C too.

The unit has dual-beam sonar (200KHz/83KHz) to give you precise information about fish and their schools, grass, rocks and sand on the bottom. That’s why both amateurs and professional fishermen are successful in snagging prey.

For a portable fish finder, it has tons of adjustments for measuring depth, water temperature and altering sensitivity.

Add automatic zooming of the bottom tracking along with loud alarms for fish and depth, and you get a vigilant observer to make sure nothing misses your eyes.

Speaking of eyes, unlike typical low-end portable devices, this one has a 3.5” coloured TFT sunlight readable diagonal screen.

Putting it into simpler terms means you get sharper and vibrant viewing with distinctive fish icons and other detailing.

Without bragging, you could belong to any part of the world and will still be able to use it like a champ because the multilingual menu setting will decipher the data in your native tongue.

Did I miss something else? Umm…the only thing missing is your decision to purchase it to have the time of your life on future ventures.


  • Portable and versatile.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Loaded with tons of user-selectable settings.
  • Display remains bright and readable under scintillating sunlight.
  • High-power transducer is suitable for inland and sea fishing alike.



  • Short length of cable is a nuisance.
  • Moisture can seep into the screen, making it unsuitable for marine environments.

Bottom Line:

JOYWEE FF688C Phiradar is a great value fish finder for on-budget users. The sundry list of user-selectable adjustments along with a high-power transducer enables fishermen to catch more fish with less effort while exploring rivers, lakes and seas.


8.  Venterior – Best Wireless Sonar Sensor Fish Finder for Trolling Motor

Venterior Portable Rechargeable Best Wireless Sonar Sensor Fish Finder for Trolling Motor


A limited budget will not dampen the excitement related to fishing as long as you are in the company of Venterior Portable Wireless Fish Finder.

Whether you’re using a trolling motor, kayak or some other small watercraft, there will be ample space available to dump as many fish as you can manage to catch.

The reason is its wireless and castable transducer – no more hassle of bulky wires and cables.

If you can muster up the strength to throw it as far as 262ft/80m, then be my guest. You can be sure that to a 2.6ft-131ft depth span, nothing will miss your surveillance.

Be it small or big fish, short or tall vegetation or bottom contours, you will know about them all to quickly identify that sweet spot which will land you the desired target in a jiffy.

You just need to wait for at least 3 seconds for the display to turn on, and then it’s showtime! The bright display screen with two background formats promises you a clear picture at all times, be it sunshine or cloudy.

In other words, you have the liberty to search rivers, lakes and seas from dawn till dusk, and even late in the night without having to worry about lighting.


  • Inexpensive.
  • Wireless and castable transducer is suitable for a variety of fishing scenes.
  • Beginner-friendly menus.
  • Quick at detecting fish and bottom contours.
  • Display offers a neat and vibrant graphical representation of the data.
  • 2-years warranty.



  • Battery runtime needs improvement.
  • Screen goes haywire when splashed with water.

Bottom Line:

This Venterior wireless fish finder is for you if you are searching for a reliable fish finder with incredible versatility at an affordable price. The unit is very compact and can be easily accommodated on smaller boats for exploring rivers and salty water bodies.


9.  Deeper Pro+ – Best Wi-Fi Smart Sonar Fish Finder for Trolling Motor

Deeper PRO+ Smart Sonar Best Wi Fi Smart Sonar Fish Finder for Trolling Motor


Deeper Pro+ is a fish hoarder. While amateurs will wonder about our statement, those who have had the pleasure of fishing with this little guy will vouch for its accuracy.

Once synced with your phone or tablet through wi-fi, you could hurl this tennis ball-like device at a considerable distance without losing connectivity.

Dual-beam sonar goes down to 260ft depth to look out for fish, vegetation and structure. Now, it’s your turn to make the best of the given information and snag yourself some fish for grilling.

You can be as adventurous and daring as you want, and explore unchartered territories with the confidence of a sea master because the built-in GPS will keep you posted of the accurate coordinates to help you draw bathymetric maps.

What’s more impressive is that your hard work will not be lost.

Meaning, all those personally drawn maps are saved in a Lake Book where you could access them for review.


  • Well-built extremely portable device.
  • Built-in GPS and solid connectivity make it ideal for several fishing applications.
  • Powerful dual-beam sonar penetrates to 260ft depth to identify structure, fish and vegetation.
  • Lake Book keeps a log of personally-sketched bathymetric maps.



  • The battery doesn’t last long.
  • Sometimes it disconnects abruptly.
  • Customer service issues.

Bottom Line:

Deeper Pro+ Castable fish finder is simple and straightforward but works exceptionally well in several fishing scenes including offshores, dock fishing and ice fishing. The unit can take the abuse of the aquatic environment yet bring back impressive information about the given terrain.


10.   Humminbird Helix 7 – Best Chirp Mega DI Fish Finder for Trolling Motor

Humminbird Helix 7 Chirp MDI GPS G3N Best Chirp Mega DI Fish Finder for Trolling Motor


The last gem on our list is one of Humminbird’s best mid-range fish finders, Helix Chirp Mega DI. It doesn’t come with a transducer, which means more money.

But, once you have set up everything on your boat, you will be in your element: catching fish one after another.

Featuring Dual spectrum Chirp sonar with mega down Imaging translates into an in-depth search of the terrain below one’s vessel, making sure you know everything from fish presence to general bottom landscape.

The most noteworthy feature and a personal favourite of seasoned anglers is the unit’s 7

large display. We aren’t raving about a bigger picture only. The sleek and luminous screen with an easy-to-navigate keyed menu offers images oh-so-bright-and-pretty that one could spend hours just enjoying the alluring beauty of the underwater realm.

Add catching of prey to these enjoyable moments, and the excitement increases tenfolds.

One way or another, you will catch fish because the built-in GPS along with Humminbird’s Basemaps and AutoChart Live features provide you with maximum navigational assistance to reach fish-productive locations as well as mark personally-found fish hotspots.

All in all, with the right transducer, this fish finder will make you unstoppable in the fishing sport.


  • Premium-like construction.
  • Dual Spectrum Chirp sonar with Down Imaging offers an elaborate view of the underwater realm.
  • Sleek and bright screen exhibits photographic-like imagery in a larger size.
  • Employs GPS and mapping features.



  • Extra cost on transducer makes it expensive.
  • Comparatively steeper learning curve.

Bottom Line:

Humminbird Helix 7 Mega DI has the price of a mid-tier device, but the appearance and performance of more top-end-like devices. Lack of transducer might be a putoff, but there are a lot of bells and whistles to help you easily tune it to your desired fishing situation.


Buyer’s Guide: Choosing The Best Fish Finder for Trolling Motor in 2023

We have set up this buyer’s guide to show you which factors to focus on when buying a fish finder for a trolling motor. These are:


  • Transducer Mount

Pay attention to the kind of transducer mount the unit is carrying to know whether you will require additional gears for its installation or not. A fish finder with trolling motor mount will save you a lot of time and hassle. The unit will be attached to the motor and powered up instantly to let you get to fishing without delay. Otherwise, you will have to buy the necessary gears and spend a considerable amount of time connecting the transducer properly to the motor.


  • Power Requirements

The problem with fish finders with trolling motors is that the power interference can compromise the accuracy of the readings. This nuisance ruins the whole idea of using a fish finder. To reduce this risk, it is necessary to check the power requirements of the chosen fish finder. This way you will be able to use an appropriate and separate power source for the fish tracker. By keeping the power sources for trolling motor and fish tracker separate, you can eliminate the possibility of interference.


  • Waterproofing

When fish finder and transducer are fixed on a trolling motor, they are more exposed to water splashes. That is why they must possess the quality of waterproofing. A water-resistant or waterproof fish finder will remain functional even after getting wet, ensuring your expedition carries on regardless of the water splashes or unpredicted rainfall.


  • Display

No matter what kind of mounting set up your fish finder has, the whole device will be useless without an appropriate display screen. The size of the screen matters, but what matters the most is the quality and clarity of the view. You could work with a smaller screen, but not with a hazy or cluttered image. Make sure your fish finder has coloured graphics and more pixels to offer a luminous and neat picture of the sonar data.

Similarly, the vibrant visuals fail to deliver their purpose when blinding sunlight or foggy screen make it hard to read what’s shown.

Let me give an example to help you. Lowrance’s units having Solarmax display means you don’t have to worry about rain, fog or bright sunlight. These are both sunlight-readable and impervious to water splashes and internal fogging. Thus, you will not face any crisis due to weather factors.

Another feature you should prefer is the division of the display window. You will not have to move back and forth between information from sonars, GPS and maps etc. Splitting the monitor into multiple sections will project miscellaneous data at once for convenient fishing.


  • GPS & Maps

GPS and built-in mapping software are relatively fancier features that might not be present in budgeted models. While their absence may not keep you from catching fish, their presence frees you from continuous mental exercise of deciphering accurate coordinates. Due to this, your entire focus will be on throwing lines and adjusting lures to yield more fish, instead of focusing on steering the boat in the right direction. The right direction both for reaching fish hotspots or back to shore will be available to you at all times. As a result, the chance of getting lost is also reduced to almost non-existent.

A frequently-occurring complaint about built-in charts and maps is the lack of essential data or the absence of maps of specific waterbodies altogether. That is when software for custom mapping saves the day. Whether you want to add details to the existing maps or draw new ones from scratch at that moment, the software will let you do so to prevent interruption.

Hence, if you decide to go for a fishfinder costing around $500 for trolling motor, these are must-have features, particularly when you wish to try luck in both chartered and unchartered territories.


  • Weight

The weight of your equipment can impede the motion of your trolling motor, especially if it is of relatively lower power. You will have to closely monitor the weight you are dumping on your inflatable vessel to ensure it smoothly moves across the water body.

Factor in the weight of your watercraft, equipment and gear you carry and the power of trolling motor to keep things under the weight limit of your boat.


  • Additional Sonar Functions

You may have noticed more than just Chirp sonar and down scans/side scans in some of the products we mentioned above. Say, for example, Fish ID, alarms, sonar return adjustment, Fish Reveal etc. Such extra tricks highlight the position of a target and alert you of its presence to ensure you don’t face ‘near misses.’ Having these tricks up your sleeves will polish your skills, especially if you are an ambitious adventurer eager to upgrade your expertise or hell-bent on snagging multiple catches in a single trip.


  • Depth Limit

Depth roughly indicates the fishing type and relevant frequency ranges. A general rule is that water depth is inversely proportional to the frequency beams you will need.

  • Go for frequencies less than 140 kHz if your target is to scan beyond 1500 feet in depth. That’s a deep-water fishing application, which will require a high-potency transducer.
  • 50 kHz frequency will let you probe the greatest depths – between 1000 to 2000 feet – with ease and unparalleled accuracy.
  • Frequency beams falling under 80-150 kHz suffice for a depth boundary of 600-1500 feet.
  • If you aim to remain in shallower areas with a depth range of 300-600 feet, units with 200 kHz frequency or above will meet your needs.


  • Warranty

Whether you are spending a few bucks, a few hundred bucks or thousands of dollars, a fishfinder without a good warranty and return/repair or exchange policy is a huge and unnecessary risk. Products offering a warranty of 2-5 years build trust, indirectly implying that they are worth your while.

Also, some have a poor customer service program. So, beware of all these factors before giving a green signal to a device.



  • What are the top fish finders for trolling motors that are also reasonably priced?

If you want to keep things under the budget, the top fishfinders for trolling motors are;

  1. Garmin Striker 4
  2. Humminbird Helix-5 G2 (410210-1) and Helix-7 Mega DI
  3. Deeper Pro+ Castable and Chirp Smart Sonar fishfinders
  4. ReelSonar iBobber
  5. Lowrance Hook2 4 with a Bullet Skimmer Transducer
  6. Lowrance Hook Reveal 7 (with Splitshot and US Inland charts)


  • How much sonar power do I need for fishing on a trolling motor?

Most anglers don’t use anything less powerful than 3000 watts. However, for shallow-water fishing, you don’t need something that powerful. You need 1000 watts or above when fishing in really really deep waters.

Generally speaking, pick the highest power unit within your budget range that won’t weigh down your vessel.

Remember that screens having bigger sizes and numbers of pixels not just cost more but also weigh more.


  • Which fishfinder is better for trolling motors, portable or fixed?

A vast majority of fishermen prefer a portable tool for trolling motors. If you are fond of ice fishing or fly-in fishing adventures, you definitely want to get a portable fish finder. You can carry it anywhere with you.

You can also mount a fixed fishfinder in a snap on your inflatable vessel with the right tools, but then you will have to forget about other fishing excursions or buy a new one.


  • Does a trolling motor spook fish away?

I wish I could give you a strict ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ answer, but several factors play a role in how fish behave around a trolling motor. The noise of a trolling motor may scare the fish, especially if it’s quiet out there and the pond is shallow. It will also bother the target if the motor’s speed is high and you run the boat over them more than once or twice.

It has been seen that Bass and other large species of fish get spooked easily as compared to smaller prey like crappie or walleye.

Besides, fish in high-traffic fishing zones have gotten familiar with the noise and are less likely to react to it.



Now that you have gone through some of the best fish finders available in the market; we can safely say that the best model for trolling motor can be the one with the right mounting set up and settings. All of the listed products have a number of pros and cons. You can assess them and then take help from the given buyer’s guide to decide which device coincides with your fishing needs.


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